Rush alt poster by doaly

Rush alternative movie poster

After watching the first trailer for Rush I was in love with the nostalgia of the golden age of motor racing, the art of this period had a very distinctive look and I wanted to pay homage to this in my poster.

I did a lot of research so my work would look of the era and could happily sit side by side with vintage motor racing posters, this was definitely a passion project as when you have a biopic and it is of a particular period in history you want to reflect that. I hope I’ve done it justice.

So there you have it My alternative Rush movie poster.

Project 26 – movie alphabet vol:1 doaly

Project 26 – movie alphabet vol:1

I set myself a little task to create a movie based alphabet of iconic films but I wanted to start and complete the project in one day, from choosing the films to creating the final artwork.

With so many great movies to choose from it was hard choice hence why I’m labelling this project vol:1 because I know I’d like to go back and do vol:2 someday and maybe only give myself half a day.

There you have it Project 26, 26 letter, 26 movies and 12 hours.

oldboy alt poster doaly

Oldboy alt poster

Just something I cooked up an alt poster for Oldboy, I wanted to take a little extra time and actually have a count for each one of the days over the 20 year period that was spent in that one room cell. so we should have a total of 7,300 strikes if my math has served me correctly.


Cant wait to see what Spike Lee with such a classic as Oldboy

Pacific Rim alt poster by doaly

Pacific Rim Alternative Posters

I was asked recently to join a collective of artists by @blurppy to produce our vision for the movie Pacific Rim. The idea behind this set is how the culture would have changed in this universe after living with monsters and giant robots for over a decade.


You can see more posters from the other talented artists here and here 

farah goes bang poster

Farah Goes Bang Official Poster

The official one sheet for Farah Goes Bang the debut feature by Meera Menon and Laura Goode which premièring at the Tribeca Film Festival 2013 and won the Inaugural Nora Ephron Prize.

A great piece to work on with a talented set of clients.

Gravity alt poster by doaly

Gravity alt poster

My alternative take on the Gravity film poster

Star Trek Into Darkness alt poster by doaly

Star Trek Into Darkness alt poster

Well this is something i dreamt up literally, its not often I remember my dreams but this was so vivid I raced for my sketch book once I woke up, so this is my take on Star Trek Into Darkness movie poster. A big thank you to my subconscious, just because your sleeping doesn’t mean your not working.

Friday the13th alt poster

Friday the 13th alternative poster

My take on the Friday the 13th Movie poster, I wanted to give the poster a dated look that harked back at when the original film was made, an era i believe really nailed the horror movie genre. Anyway i hope you like it.

Rear Window Alternative poster

Rear Window alternative poster

My alternative take on a poster for Rear Window. Hitchcock films are the easiest and hardest movies I find to re-imagine a poster for, they always have such striking visual and ideas within the film that you can’t help but be inspired but it gets hard when you dont want to be too obvious in your take, I’m hoping I’ve done the film some justice.


You can buy this print here at Society6


Batman Begins alternative poster

“Why do we fall? So we can learn to pick ourselves up.” this quote from Batman Begins is one of the many reason why i fell in love with the film. Over the years I’ve played with many ideas for an alternative movie poster to the the film but its only today that I’ve finally sat down and put pen to paper.

My aim was to capture the moment where Bruce’s journey would begin onto the path of Batman.


Kick Ass alternative poster

Been watching the Kick Ass 2 redband trailer the last two days on loop, I cant wait to watch it with so many interesting new characters and any excuse to say The MotherFucker!

This is my take on the movie poster I hope you guys like it.


and watch this space it’ll be available to own in the new shop which is launching very soon

the wolverine alternative poster

The Wolverine alternative poster

An alternative look at The Wolverine movie poster which is due to release this summer.

I wanted the poster to tie into the Japanese theme/location of the story without it being too cliché and it has been a while since i’ve produced a digital painting so i was eager to give the piece a natural treatment.

But I couldn’t choose between the colour or black and white version, which do you prefer?

Spring Breakers alternative poster

Spring Breakers alternative poster

I was commissioned to create an alternative poster for the soon to be released film ‘Spring Breakers’ staring James Franco, Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens, Rachel Korine and Ashley Benson

My aim was to contrast the fun of spring break with the seedy underbelly of what goes on behind closed doors without bashing it over the users head.

A film by Harmony Korine releasing April 15 2013




Iron Man 3 Poster

Tick tick tick approaching ever close to the release of iron man 3 and with the super bowl trailer still fresh in out minds it was time for an alternative Iron Man 3 movie poster


Man of Steel poster set

The man of steel poster set charts the journey young Clark makes from childhood to adulthood using poignant quotes from the 2013 movie.

I’ve been toying with idea for a while, it feels great to final get it down on paper.


New York Coffee co Logo

So its 1am and your find yourself not sleeping again even though you have to be up in only a matter of hours. So what do you do? Some may count sheep some may even have a warm class of milk, which is where this idea came from when I found myself making shapes with the ring stain on my desk.

All i can say is thank god I don’t use coasters



Halo 4 – minimalist poster

Countdown to Halo 4 called for a set of minimalist posters!

I’ve had a few people asking about wallpapers and poster prints, post a comment and let me know if your interested and I’ll cook something up :)

Featured on:


Serial Thriller



Deck of Queens – Pinups

A deck of queens pinups were based on Robyn Hunt, Sian Sayer, Nina Evans and Misa Campo, thank you all for being such great sports.

@Robyn_Hunt @SianSayer @NinaEvans7 @Realmisacampo

Pinup based on Robyn Hunt

Pinup #1

A Pinup based on @Robyn_Hunt

Dark Knight Rises – Minimalist Poster

Dark Knight Rises – Minimalist Poster #2

Oh and here is a version 2, I’m thinking custom T-shirt

you can view the design process here on my Instagram account


Dark Knight Rises – Minimalist Poster

Like everyone else I’m also counting down the days until release, so I thought I’d help pass the time by creating a minimalist poster for TDKR

you can view the design process here on my Instagram account


Sunday Sketchbook No.7

Feel privileged that theres such natural beauty in the world to inspire me

Sunday Sketchbook 6

Sunday Sketchbook No.6

Back to the good old pencil and pad how i’ve missed you, may we never be apart again.

Subject the very beautiful and talented @SianSayer

Application UI

Working on a new App UI



Lion and Tigers and Bears OH MY!

Ok maybe not tigers and bears but i did get pretty close to some lions, I found some time to get behind the glass once more and i thought I would  share my snaps.

Responsive Web Design

Some reading for this evening


Big Game Hunting

Blowing the dust off my trusty Canon I begin my safari trip hunting big game!
without fear for myself  and  the aid of my zoom lens i get up close to the ferocious beasts shooting away.

*all shooting was done with a camera, no animals were harmed in the shooting of these images 


Worth a 1000 Words

Vector based typography posters, a thousand words huh, yea i think i nailed it :D


Light Painting No.1

So my first attempt at light painting / light graffiti, i can safely say i will get better at it but it was a good learning process for day one, hope you enjoy.


Saving Pvt Plastic

Playing toy soliders is always fun especially when the lawn is freshly cut.
Well i bought myself a new toy this week, a Canon 550D so expect more photography coming your way.