Worth a 1000 Words

Vector based typography posters, a thousand words huh, yea i think i nailed it :D


  1. Doaly (Author)

    Great to have you work written about, check out the article

    • chase

      where can you buy posters of these?

      • Doaly (Author)

        not currently for sale but im im the process of setting up an online site to sell my work,
        so follow my twitter and FB page to find out when

        thank you

  2. Alex Esctor

    Can we download one of these? I would love one as a background! :D

    • Doaly (Author)

      hi im not currently making these available for download but soon will be, so stay tuned

    • Doaly (Author)

      follow my twitter and FB page to find out when

  3. Thanks. Can’t wait to get it.

  4. yeah i want a background as well. that’s why I came here lol.

  5. doaly (Author)

    Hi guys ill have some wallpapers ready for you int eh coming week ready to download, thanks for the love

  6. johnnnnny gray

    id love the darth vader as a poster …. this has to be released .. please

    • doaly (Author)

      Hi Johnny thanks for the post, im planning on opening my own store shortly where people can buy my prints, if you add my twitter/facebook page you will get all the info once i launch it

      and thats once again for the kind words

      they really make effort worth while

  7. Ajay & Priya

    These pictures are really good !!!

  8. @Vactor ooh those are awesome http://t.co/RwHy4YgH5E :) )

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